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Neural and Environmental Rhythms lab

The "Neural and Environmental Rhythms" lab explores how synchrony between brain rhythms and environmental rhythms shapes our perception of the world. We use psychophysics, M/EEG, and noninvasive brain stimulation to do this. 

We're based at the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics in Frankfurt and at Ryerson University in Toronto. 

Interested in getting involved? If you are local to Frankfurt and want to participate in our experiments, you can find a list of active studies here. You can also check for job openings and volunteer opportunities on our Get Involved page. 

During the pandemic, we've been inviting authors to (very informally) discuss their own work with us during our journal clubs. Have a paper you think we'd enjoy? Want some feedback on an undercooked project? Get in touch!


  • Welcome to the group Liza Mekschrat, who will join us for an internship over the next few months!



Check out our Research page for full project descriptions.
Image by FPVmat A

Test–retest reliability of neural entrainment in the human auditory system