Welcome Yuranny Cabral-CalderinYuranny is the first postdoc to join the group. Very excited to start some serious brain stimulation work with Yuranny at the wheel. 

Welcome Tara AfghahTara is a visiting scholar in the group and a PhD student at UCSD. She'll be with us for a year.

April 1, 2019: We're live. The Max Planck Research Group "Neural and Environmental Rhythms is live and ready for science. 

Call for applications has closed. Apps for postdoc and PhD positions are being evaluated now. 

First day of work! I'll be arriving in Frankfurt for my first day of work on Jan. 14. I'm so excited. 

October 2018: New paper accepted! "Cortical tracking of rhythm in speech and music" has been accepted for publication in NeuroImage. Great work by lead author Eleanor Harding, and the rest of the team, Daniela Sammler, Ed Large, and Sonja Kotz.  

July 2018: ERC Starting Grant funded!! The embargo has been lifted, so now I can share the exciting news that my project "Brain–environment synchrony and the auditory perception problem" has funding for five years. 

July 2018: New paper accepted! Congratulations to Anna Wilsch (and of course co-authors Björn Herrmann, Christoph Herrmann, and Jonas Obleser) on publishing "Temporal expectation modulates the cortical dynamics of short-term memory". 

July 2018: Well, technically June for another 2 hours. Taking off shortly for CuttingEEG in Paris! Will be leading a tutorial on frequency tagging (but sneaking in my own take on relating the phase of neural oscillations to behavior). 

June 2018: On my way to Montreal to teach at the CAMBAM/NSERC-CREATE summer school on Nonlinear Dynamics in Life Sciences with Applications to Neuroscience and Psychology. Excited!

June 2018: Freshly home after three weeks on the road. Highlights included the Auditory EEG Signal Processing (AESoP) symposium in Leuven, which was tons of fun!, and a visit to the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics in Frankfurt. 

April 2018: Spent the month at the Donders Center for Cognitive Neuroimaging in Floris de Lange's lab analyzing MEG data and loving the Netherlands in the spring

March 2018: It was a great pleasure to be invited to present at the Cognitive Neuroscience Society annual meeting as part of a symposium on "What makes musical rhythm special?" I talked about the synchronization of audience members' brains with each other during a live concert. You can read some of the press related to the study here or here. Or here's one in German

January 2018: Freshly back from Perturbing and Enhancing Perception and Action using Oscillatory Neural Stimulation at the MRC–CBU in Cambridge. Lots of exciting research in a growing field presented by really great company made for a lovely couple of days.


November 2017: Leaving tomorrow for APAN and SFN! Come check me out Sunday afternoon (TT62). I'll be talking about how live music puts our brain rhythms in sync with the brains of other audience members. 

October 2017: Just back from the 1st conference of the Timing Research Forum in Strasbourg, France and the Center for Music and the Brain in Aarhus, Denmark. A great time was had by all! Link to TRF slides coming soon. 

September 2017: It's here. "What do we talk about when we talk about rhythm?", a formal comment in PLOS Biology by Obleser, Lakatos, and myself, and a healthy scientific discussion. 

You can find a list of all of the postdocs positions advertised at Auditory Cortex HERE.

September 2017: Headed to Banff for the International Conference on Auditory CortexFollow me on Twitter (@MollyJHenry) for what are sure to riveting updates about fresh research on Auditory Cortex. 

June 2017: It's out! "Aging affects the balance of neural entrainment and top-down neural modulation in the listening brainis now published online in Nature Communications. 

June 2017: Learning about the newest analysis techniques and research in electrophysiology at CuttingEEG at the University of Glasgow. Teaching a workshop on frequency-tagging in EEG. 

June 2017: Had a fabulous time at NERD and Neurosciences and Music in Boston, thinking about rhythm, music, and neuroscience, and reuniting with colleagues I only get to see every three years. 

June 2017: Final program now available for "Neural Entrainment and Rhythm Dynamics" (NERD) workshopSee you in Boston on June 14!

June 2017: Wrapping up a two-month trainee exchange at the Donders Center for Cognitive Neuroimaging in Nijmegen. It's been lovely hanging around Floris de Lange's lab and learning more about MEG. 

February 2017: Wow! I'm an APS Rising StarWhat an honor! Read an article in the Western News about that here


May 2017: Nature Communications accepted our paper: "Aging affects the balance of neural entrainment and top-down neural modulation in the listening brain"! By myself, Björn Herrmann, Dunja Kunke, and Jonas Obleser

December 2016: I'm headed to the Donders Institute in Nijmegen, Netherlands in summer 2017! My proposal for a trainee exchange between the Brain & Mind Institute and the Donders Institute has been selected for funding by the Erasmus+ program. 

December 2016: I made a guest appearance in a Canadian documentary series (The Nature of Things) where I explain data from a project being conducted at McMaster's LIVELabThe real stars of the show, called "The Science of Song", are Jessica Grahn and Laurel Trainor. Perhaps lucky for me, it's only available to watch in Canada. 

November 2016: SfN and APAN in San Diego were amazing! So much good science in such nice weather was refreshing. You can read my blog about SfN here.

November 2016: I just confirmed that I'll speak at cuttingEEG in Glasgow in summer 2017. I'll be giving a 3-hour workshop on my basic theory and approach to analyzing EEG data.

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